Monthly Archives: February 2015

The Rain

Clearing your mind, your soul, the rain comes down, descends upon those who resign themselves to live politely, uttering no sounds, disturbing no one.

Thoughts– turning within, finding a place to reside quietly, taking back your wisdom, taking back your uniqueness, reinforcing a willingness to reside behind the windowpane, reflection disguised as continuance.

The author resides quietly, confirming her intolerance to reside without purpose. “Purpose,” she shouts “belongs to those who remember who they are.” We are all unique. We can not disguise are souls. We belong to ourselves, it is only are outerselves that are intolerant. We reside within and belong regardless of what the outer world cruelly renounces. Let go of those voices that do not allow you to remember who “you” are.


Prolific is the space where men let their most relevant display their abilitites without discouragement–free for all to participate in the moment of the soul essence talking through the great beyond, the journey is smooth.

Their lies no one to purposely absorb a creation that brings tears to eyes–but of enchantment–thrilling to see children born to parents, discouraging to find material absorbed and recreated and disconnected. Let’s reinvent ourselves so we can find comfort in each other’s abilities.

Limitations drift away as we deserve to participate in the elegance of knowing the truth through whatever medium brings tears to eyes as we discover our own willingness to release and renew.


The normal every day process of leaving the body — abandoning the soul only to remind ourselves that the essence, “the who we are”, remains
exactly as God intended. There is no cause for concern. We sit behind
our eyes in order that we may witness or reinforce the ebb and flow of
life. You can liken this process to the sea. We respire, we exhale and
then eventually inhale, calling back the center of our universe. It begins
with us, each of us, as we allow our thoughts to turn inwards we create a
pool around ourselves that can be likened to an inner silence. It remains
there until we decide that we will allow the silence to pervade our senses,
glowing we allow our thoughts to calm us and not so randomly attune to
the outer elements, the great beyond and like a compass bearing north
we pass the sands through our hourglasses, allowing our spine to connect
and root into the earth creating an anchor that allows us to be reinforced
and determined.
We call back our energy from the Creator and allow it to
cleanse the forehead and wash away those energies that do not hold our
truth, a shower illuminates and swirls around our crown and ever so gently
removes the impurities of the day, the illuminated energy brings us in
to complete harmony, allowing for reattachment to the soul. There is no
standing room. This activity belongs to ourselves. We reunite with
our soul essence and learn who we are from the continual observatory.