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It brings an exceptional individual to know the truth and then another to be able to impart that information in a progressive fashion. Much in a way that can be described as indefatigable. Earth angels reside here, they are protected by those who feel they are necessary and true. Without these individuals the world would be a different kind of place. It is for us to work the energy of resistance in much the same way that one would learn to seek out someone who could help shield an individual from excessive and unneeded pain. We work faithfully with the Supreme Being so that others can create for themselves without being unduly weary. We are aware that others have different procedures and we don’t pretend to be right for all. We ask that all will find their way, but only seek to help those that will find comfort here.

Bubbling Up

Soft the words come from the source. The energy is released in an effortless fountain, splashing along the side of the image of the blowhole,
soft the images dissipate surrendering to their curfew they reside collectively willing themselves to emerge from a place that leads back to the source, back to the earth, back through the enbankment that resurrects
her faith, she continues, comforting, the image remains and then aloft, simmers to the earth, resolute, directed, a wonderment of perfection. Soft
the words flow expanding the world from a place of nocturnal flight. Her destiny remains intact, fruitful, expanded, rejoicing and colored from
the froth of the sea.

Karen Sommers


Springtime evokes many memories of renewal. Often the shedding of a season will involve, releasing the outer layers that retain our body temperature. If you could liken yourself to a butterfly emerging from
a cocoon, you would understand the necessity of releasing that which no longer serves a purpose. We are restricted by are undying need to cocoon
ourselves with mind numbing food, superlative broadcasting and insensitive

Why would you seek to change when all around lies those possessions which in the end limit your ability to redirect yourself from habitual pursuits.
For example, perhaps you had a passion for wind sailing but decided that you needed to watch your favorite episode of whatever is popular at the moment, instead of immersing yourself in an activity that would lift your spirit and redirect your course.

Talk it over — I’ll call this part the one where you allow
yourself to talk freely with your inner voice.
The discussions could resemble a friendly
soothsayer, friend or mother figure, whatever
your image of a true kindred soul would be.
Now don’t laugh, because it takes a minute or
two to turn within and find out what you need,
what you really need.

Quiet your mind Listen, allow yourself to really hear from this
perspective — the friend perspective — what
you really like to create.

Notice how you feel, when you allow yourself a moment
or two to quiet all those voices that tell you
“you don’t have time, you don’t have money, you’re
being unreasonable.”

Decide what you “will” give yourself and why you deserve
to be given to.

Remember There is only one you and only you know what’s
best for you.

Relax Allow yourself to be present at this moment in time.
Being present allows you to create with little
effort because you and your life force energy
nurtures you. This is where it begins the alpha
and the omega. To metamorphis means to demand
that “you” be kinder to “you.”