Together, Steve and Karen have given psychic readings and performed spiritual healings for thousands of people. As a trained team, they can harness information quickly and in a fun way which allows their client or student to:

  • Carry on their life’s journey with new information
  • Master their self-expression
  • Joyfully re-engage with their creative processes
  • Discover a whole new side of themselves that will reinvigorate and enthuse their inner child
  • Reconnect with their environment in a magical way

Both Karen and Steve are local Reno celebrities. They have appeared on local Reno news and have been heard on local Reno radio shows, where they provided psychic readings for callers. They have entertained lines of people at local casinos in a professional reading space.

This dynamic duo’s psychic readings and classes will resonate with your soul. Karen and Steve will masterfully read you in an enjoyable fashion which will enable you to release energy and take your next step along your spiritual path.

About Karen

Karen has always had the ability to communicate with spirits without bodies. Her Life Path has taken her to interesting places, leading her to share her ability to counsel and communicate with departed loved ones and to help assist with her client’s and student’s own spiritual evolution and their life paths.

For over twenty years, Karen has enjoyed working with people to rediscover their true purposes, to validate themselves as spirits in a body, and to assist them in enhancing their psychic abilities.

Karen’s soulful communication is further enhanced by her love and appreciation for the arts, particularly music and the great outdoors as well as her special connection with animals. Her enthusiasm for Life is contagious.

Karen received a degree in Communication from Michigan State University. She also attended chiropractic school which allows her to counsel masterfully on health issues. She has given readings for traditional health professionals with winning reviews.

 About Steve

Learning, nature and the great outdoors have always been Steve’s passions. Knowing that there is indeed something magical about life on our planet led Steve from the intellectual to the Spiritual.

At college, Steve studied Chemistry, Anthropology, and Psychology, always searching for the underlying answers to the Mystery of Life.

Steve was lead to play in Psychic Kindergarten where he learned to discover his own answers. He keeps learning and growing as he plays, reads, heals, and teaches. He loves using spiritual tools and abilities and enjoys teaching others how to access their own spiritual truth.

Steve has been doing spiritual work for more than 20 years and finds there is always something new to learn and share. Steve shares his psychic life with Karen, his fiancee and co-director of the Lake of the Sky Psychic Institute and with Max, his yellow lab.